If You Are to Succeed in Track and Field As a Runner You Better Be Passionate About It

As far back as I can remember I have always been passionate about running. I grew up in rural North Carolina in a small tow and we did not having a track to run on throughout my K-12 school years.

For those of you reading this article and you are in your formative years of school, I encourage you to not only dedicate but commitment your entire person to running as a track and field student athlete. Why?

Running with passion has a lot to do with purpose, meaning you were born to be a runner. Once you assess your reality you will realize you are not running against anyone else, rather you are competing with yourself.

The bottom line is it does not matter what your opponent in the race is about, the race is about how well you perform.I will explain the previous statement for you because its the key to your track and field success as a runner.

First of all, when you make the decision to join and participate on the track team as a runner, make it count. Ensure you lift weights to give you the endurance required to compete at the highest level you can.

As referenced earlier, when I participated in track and field my school did not have a track to practice on. One would assume our track team could not compete at a high level, but we did because once we saw the track to compete on, we excelled because we practiced track on our football practice field back on campus.

Practice is crucial to your success as a track and field athlete. Practice represents your quest to compete at the highest level you possible can. The harder you practice the more rest required and the more rest you receive the quicker your body will be able to recover from intense workouts.

Most importantly, following a balanced diet will complete your training regimen. As you can see, competing in track and field as a runner is a holistic process.

Ensure you are able to embrace mental toughness because you will have to enhance your pain threshold for practice and the event. I recommend meditation before and after practice to visualize your practices and prepare for your competitions.

Remember perfect practice yields perfect results. If you learn to embrace intense practice sessions this is where the real victories is won in track and field and why you do not need to bother with what your competition is doing.

When you consider the fact you practice hard all week for one or two races at your track and field meet, its possible to win consistently. Last but certainly not least, get plenty of rest and eat properly, it will position you to succeed in track and field. Everything I referenced represents passionate for running successfully.

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